Our origin story

Web Forestry lets you focus on growing your business

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street
Photograph by Luca Bravo

In the summer of 2020, Dinklage Feed Yards was in dire need of a website developer when the Wordpress website powering their business went down suddenly. Their existing website provider was unable to assist them, and the company was stuck.

After debugging through the site, the problem was quickly resolved and Dinklage Feed Yards was back in business. With a quick look at the functioning site, it was clear that there was other low hanging fruit that would improve the website – not only for Dinklage Feed Yards customers but also for employees at Dinklage managing the site.

Fast forward to the spring of 2022. Dinklage continued to request one-off website maintenance over the years, but this time they needed more than maintenance. Their site was down completely, and they were having trouble communicating with the developer that built the site. After finally hearing back from the developer, a website hosting misunderstanding resulted in Dinklage Feed Yards back at square zero with their website.

That's where we came in.

Within 30 days, we completely rebuilt the Dinklage Feed Yards website from the ground up, using cutting-edge technologies that are capable of growing with Dinklage. Within 60 days, the new website boasted feature parity of the original website, and also added a new web-based job application form allowing Dinklage to accept applications for their job postings online. We also enabled Dinklage with custom content management features so that they can edit their website content, manage job postings, maintain feed yard contacts, and more.

Through working with Dinklage Feed Yards, our eyes were opened to this one point: Your business deserves a website and developers that grow with you.

Here at Web Forestry, we are committed to helping businesses like Dinklage Feed Yards – so that you can focus on your business and know we'll never leave you hanging. We'll take the reigns of your website, and remain by your side as long as you want us on your team.